The Yard at Xavierville – Another Food Park in Katipunan

(Updated as of September 11, 2016)

The Yard at Xavierville – Another Food Park in Katipunan

The Yard Xavierville Katipunan

The Yard Xavierville

The Yard at Xavierville is located along Xavierville Ave. near Ababu (before Ababu if westbound). There is parking available on site–good for at most 12 cars only, though. The soft opening was on June 18, 2016. Dates of visit were on June 25, July, September 4 and 8. As per the stall owners we were able to talk to, all stalls will officially open on July 9.

The Yard Katipunan

The place used modified container vans as the base structure of the stalls. The place is maximized and packed tightly but can still be considered comfortable.

(Sept 6, 2016 Update) The place is jam-packed to the point of being unenjoyable for me already. Parking was also changed, no more double parking so only about 6 cars fit, the rest will have to find parking space elsewhere. They also have new operating hours and beer is not served anymore (!!!!!) as per barangay request.

(Sept 11, 2016 Update) We went at The Yard at 4pm (opening) and parking space is still a gamble. They have a nearby space allocated for parking but can accommodate only about 8-10 cars. And at 4pm, The Yard was causing a hold up in the traffic along Xavierville already.

The Yard Parking Rules

The Yard People                 20160904_202901

Below are the stalls in The Yard at  Xavierville, Katipunan and the quick review of them. This will be updated every time I try a new stall.

Prawn Star – FB

Prawn Star Prawn Star Prawn Star

Upon going through the stalls that were open during our first visit, the girlfriend gravitated towards ordering from Prawn Star. The first step is choosing your seafood–choices are prawns, shrimps, clams, black mussels, green mussels, crab claws, crabs (per 100g). She ordered black mussels (P140) upon the recommendation of the stall owner and crab claws (P130). The crab claws are tiny, but serving size is good. The shell of the claws are already removed so that’s a plus. She had both cooked in garlic butter, with hotness level at extra extra hot. These will pair nicely with a cup of hot rice. Hindi tinipid sa butter and garlic. They provide plastic gloves so you can eat with your hands. Recommended.

(Updated as of September 11 2016) Smoke and Barrel – FB

Smoke and Barrel was one of the earlier stalls in The Yard that I wanted to try. We were finally able to try it on our 4th visit.

Smoked Beef Brisket


Smoke and Barrel Menu

This is the Slow N’ Low Smoked Beef Brisket. We upgraded to dirty rice for additional P25. So this is P245 total. The rice was average,you’ll live with plain rice since the beef was tender and smokey. P220 might be expensive but the slab of beef is good for 2. This is worth a try when you’re in The Yard.


Smoke and Barrel

Bagneto – FB


Black Plate – FB

Black Plate The Yard

Black Plate Menu

Asked the owner her favorite among the BurriSushi and she recommended WeHo’s Finest (P190).

WeHo's Finest Black Plate

It had Japanese Mayo and Corn with chili + katsuoboshi.

WeHo's Finest Black Plate

The Salmon wasn’t that prominent. The pickled cucumber was barely there. They mention guacamole as an ingredient but didn’t seem to notice it. The BurriSushi is trying to be a jack of all trades but the taste profile is spread too thinly. Nothing stands out and our expectations were not met. For P190, I’d rather try something else in The Yard Xavierville.

WeHo's Finest Black Plate


ChixnBiz Southern Fried Chicken and Biscuits

ChixnBiz The Yard  ChixnBiz ChixnBiz

ChixnBiz Reggae

Was literally leaving the Yard when I saw ChixnBiz. I like Southern style fried chicken so I had to try. I ordered the Reggae. The egg was overcooked. The macaroni is normal. The biscuit is flaky but dense. Partners well with the gravy. However, the gravy was bitin. It was just enough for the chicken so the biscuit was left out. I didn’t bother asking for more as we were already rushing to leave but ask for extra gravy when you try it. The chicken itself is cooked perfectly. It is on the salty side which I liked.

Waff – FB




Waff Menu

Ordered The Herbed Chicken Buttermilk for P155. I like chicken and waffles so had to have this one. Talked to the owner briefly and she mentioned that their chicken tastes like a cross between KFC and Jollibee. And true to her word, it was. The chicken was majorly KFC-ish with just a bit of Jollibee. The gravy was all them, though, so don’t expect KFC gravy here. The waffle was normal and unfortunately not crispy but for P155, this is one of the better deals here in The Yard Katipunan. Will recommend Waff.


20160705_184051 20160705_183311



This is the only stall that sells alcohol. They have SMBs and local craft beers (Pedro, Craftbrew, etc.) (Sept 6, 2016 Update, no more beer being sold, only cocktails at P250 and P500.)

Flat Bread

Flat Bread The Yard

Flat Bread The Yard

Flat Bread Menu

Asked for their best seller and we were offered the Chicken and Pesto at P90.

Chicken and Pesto

Taste wise, the Chicken and Pesto satisfies. The pesto was overflowing the same with the cheese and chicken pops. It was on the oily side though but that’s just normal for pesto. Now one major issue was the bread. for a stall called Flat Bread, their bread does not stand out and needs improvement–it was rather thick and dense. Taste-wise though, the flavors of the chicken, pesto, and cheese combo is good.

Chicken and Pesto

Dip n Dough – FB

Dip n Dough

The Yard Menu

Dip n Dough Matcha Dip

These are the Mini Donuts at P90. It has 6 pcs of donuts plus dip. We had the Matcha Green Tea. The dip tasted like Matcha Green Tea, nothing fancy but still tasty. The donuts are the most basic you can get, fried dough. This is very reminiscent of bitso-bitso in taste and color.

(Sept  6 2016 Update) Dip n Dough’s Chimney has been hyped on social media for some time causing a wait time of 1 hour (!). Fortunately, we only had to wait 30 mins for these 2. And at P150 each, they are worth the wait and price. This has redeemed Dip n Dough for me. The warm toasty/crunchy bread cone is contrasted by the ice cream. With hints of cinnamon, and a good coat of chocolate on the inside of the cone, it is a good supplement to the ice cream. Highly recommended. Dip n Dough Chimney Original

El Chapo’s – FB

El Chapo's The Yard El Chapo's Chicharitos El Chapo's Menu El Chapo's

Ordered the Chicharitos (Lechon Sisig Taco) for P85. They do not skimp on the lechon sisig. Sulit not just in serving size but also in taste. It is a close second to Taco Vengo’s Pork Cheek Confit so that’s saying a lot. Will try out their other offerings soon. Recommended.

(July 5 Update) Ordered the Fish Taco for my 2nd visit. P120 gets you this taco below. Looks too small for P120. This is Yellowfin Tuna with Asian Dressing. Tasty and refreshing but most probably won’t make a dent in your stomach if you want something heavy. If priced lower, this might be more palatable, but for now, I’d rather recommend the Chicharitos above.

20160705_182719 20160705_182832

All About Fry Day – FB

All About Fry Day

Rustic Box Steakhouse – FB

Rustic Box

Rustic Box Menu

Rustic Box Steak Bits ala Pobre Rustic Box Steak Bits ala Pobre

Had the Steak Bits ala Pobre for P225 during the second visit. We ordered this because the girlfriend asked the stall owner of Prawn Stars during our first visit which stall and she has tried and would recommend aside from her own stall, and this was one of her answers. Indeed, the girlfriend enjoyed Rustic Box’s take on salpicao. The beef was tender and juicy. Good value for P225. Will visit again and try their other steaks. We were also able to ask the stall owners of Rustic Box their stall/dish recommendation which we will be sure to try during our next visit.

Tokyo Tempura – FB

Tokyo Tempura The Yard

I’ve tried this in Gastropark Kapitolyo, and they seem to be popping up in most food parks. Read my take on them here.

Hong Kong Foodie Street Food

Hong Kong Foodie Street Food Hong Kong Foodie Street Food Hong Kong Foodie Street Food Menu

Lobster ball (P40) and shrimp roll (P40) were the orders. To be frank, they were the normal store bought street food balls. The dipping sauce should have been the savior but the chili sauce and hoisin were underwhelming also. Will hesitate to try this again. Maybe they could do something like putting the balls in a curry-like broth like they do in Hong Kong to differentiate themselves from most fishball stall.


Gulp Station

Gulp Station

Had the Medium Calamansi for P80. Tastes like the real thing and is refreshing. Not too sugary – right balance of acidity and sweetness. This is good for 2-3 persons already.

Calamansi Gulp Station The Yard

(Updated as of Sept 6 2016) Cafe Fratello – FB

Fratello Cafe

Cafe Fratello is located on the 2nd floor, beside Prawn Star.

Fratello Cafe Menu

Ordered the Quatro Formaggio Duo for P150. This has marinara sauce and chips. The chips were normal (imported brand from the taste). The grilled cheese sandwich was commendable because of the price–you get 2 sandwiches for only P150. The taste is ok, I was expecting more sharpness from the cheese, but the marinara sauce helped a bit in that regard.

Four Cheese Sandwich

(Updated as of Sept 6, 2016) Berliner Grill PH  – FB

Berliner Grill PH

I’m not familiar with German food so I was particularly interested in trying out this stall to supposedly experience new flavor profiles. Ordered Schnitzel and Döner. The Schnitzel, however, is just like tonkatsu or our breaded pork chop. Very familiar tastes. The potatoes included had a sweet sauce which may not appeal to some.


The Döner is like a shawarma and can also be consumed with pita. I ordered rice with mine. The meat on this was a bit too salty and the sauce doesn’t help much in cutting the sodium overload. The yellow rice had no noticeable added flavor. I won’t recommend this.

Doner Berliner Grill PH

(Updated as of September 11, 2016) Niku-Q YakitoriFB

They are located at left side, towards the back of The Yard.

Niku-Q Yakitori

The menu.

Niku-Q Yakitori Menu Niku-Q Yakitori Menu

Ordered the Pork Belly (P40), Chicken (P40) and Pork with Asparagus (P45). The Pork Belly tasted okay, the chicken had a weird taste that seems to be from being undercooked or frozen (?). It looked cooked, though. The highlight was the Pork with Asparagus, This is reminiscent of what I cook at home so at P45, sulit already.

Niku-Q Yakitori

(Updated as of Sept 11 2016) Halal Kabab Express – FB – Website

Halal Kabab Express is competing with Ababu given their proximity. I’ve frequented Ababu and while not the best (I still prefer Uncle Moe’s), the price to taste ratio is very high with Ababu.

The menu of Halal Kabab Express.

Halal Kabab Express Menu Halal Kabab Express

This crappy picture doesn’t do justice to the Kabab Kubideh Wrap. It is beef kebab with tomato and onions one the menu but in reality it also has  cucumber and POTATOES. The pita is cooked well to provide that charred taste to compliment the kebab. The potatoes were the kicker since for P99, this is a meal already. Recommended.

Beef Kabab Wrap

(Updated as of September 11 2016) Melmac Periperi Express

GF loves peri peri so we had to try this.

Peri Peri Express

Had the solo order of Grilled Peri Chicken with Corn Salsa and Harissa Oil (P165). The chicken is the highlight of the dish but the rice can be commended as well (the rice is has the same flavor profile of Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice). The chicken was tender and flavorful and mixed with the hot Harissa oil, is the ideal combo. The Harissa Oil is definitely not toned down to the Pinoy level of spiciness (which I enjoyed), be careful. 🙂

Melmac Periperi Express is highly recommended.

Grilled Peri Chicken

Corn Salsa and Harissa OilPeri Peri Express Menu


Will update this post every time a try a new stall.

Girlfriend Edit:

My favorites are:

Rustic Box

Prawn Stars

Melmac Periperi Express

Niku-Q’s Pork with Asparagus

Dip n Dough’s Original Chimney (FAVORITE. DO NOT LEAVE THE YARD WITHOUT TRYING THIS. Also, ask the staff to toast the cone a little more to get more color and crunch. Saraaaaap.)

I’d skip the Hong Kong Foodie Street Food and Berliner Grill.

The Yard is my favorite food park and we’ve tried maybe 5 or 6 food parks already in the metro. They offer the most variety in terms of stall/food choices however, the traffic heading there, the parking woes, the struggle to find a free table, and just the overall chaos with throngs of people inside the park, are very stressful, I would recommend going at 4pm when the park just opened, or wait it out and visit an hour or so before closing time.

The Yard at Xavierville – Facebook Page

Website –

Location –

(Updated as of Sept 11 2016)

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