(Review) Sweet Ecstasy – New Contender for Burger Goodness

Sweet Ecstasy – New Contender for Burger Goodness in Katipunan

Located at Regis Center in Katipunan, Sweet Ecstasy brings its A game on the burger scene. College friends and GF decided to have a small Christmas celebration at the burger joint along Katipunan. Word of advice – parking is a bit hard to find in Regis Center, try to bring just one car.

Sweet Ecstasy Decor

Sweet Ecstasy is located at the 2nd floor of Regis Center along Katipunan.

Sweet Ecstasy Regis

They focus on burgers but they also have wings and milkshakes.

Sweet Ecstasy Menu

The Orders

  • The Double (3x) – P265
  • Cheeseburger – P195
  • Sriracha Lime Wings – P245
  • Speculoos Milkshake – P185
  • Peanut Butter Oreo Milkshake – P185

At Sweet Ecstasy, they ask if what type of onion you prefer – grilled, fresh or caramelised. Seems minor but onion preference is a big thing for some. The buns can also be swapped with a lettuce wrap for P20 if you’re counting carbs – those on Keto/Low Carb High Fat diet will appreciate this.

Sweet Ecstasy The Double

I ordered The Double with grilled onions with the normal buns. The first bite is wonderful. The brioche buns are buttered and toasted, giving it crunch, fat and saltiness. It has transcended its status as a burger holder into a crucial element of the dish. The bun is amazing. Then there’s the beef. It’s seasoned appropriately, juicy with the right amount of grill marks. You can still taste the beef. The burger is reminiscent of Snack Shack’s no nonsense cooking that focuses on the patty. The veggies helps by adding crunch and freshness to the burger and their special sauce, Ecstasy Sauce, is not too overwhelming and blends well with all the ingredients. The focus is the meat and they succeeded. I highly recommend Sweet Ecstasy’s burger and will come back again.

Sweet Ecstasy

This is the low carb version, the burger wrapped in the greens.

Sweet Ecstasy Sriracha Lime Wings

Now on to the wings, the Sriracha Lime Wings. I am fan of wings, especially Frankie’s. This specific flavor,Sriracha Lime, is very close to the Srirachamansi of Wishbone in Kapitolyo I have reviewed. Sweet Ecstasy’s wings are not heavily breaded and rely on the natural skin of the chicken for the crispiness. They are juicy and holds the flavor really well. The spicy king of the sriracha is missing for me though and the acidity of the lime overwhelms by a bit. I’m not saying they are a miss – they are top notch and will satisfy my cravings for sure.

Sweet Ecstasy Milkshake

I had a sip of the Speculoos Milkshake and Peanut Butter Oreo Milkshake. My first consideration when ordering a milkshake are thickness and creaminess. Sweet Ecstasy hits both easily. The milkshakes are rich and heavy without being too icecreamy. The flavors are also not overpowered by sugar as I was able to easily taste the Speculoos and the Peanut Butter Oreo. I will order a milkshake next time I visit Sweet Ecstasy in Katipunan.

The Verdict

I’ve been to 8cuts and Zark’s multiple times and yes they make good burgers but there is just a straightforward appeal with Sweet Ecstasy. Very much like Snack Shack that offers no frills burger, Sweet Ecstasy doesn’t overwhelm you with toppings or ingredients. You want burger? They will give you a very good burger. The wings are a special mention too. Sweet Ecstasy will be a staple choice and recommendation for me. Two thumbs up!

Price to Taste Ratio –4/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 11am-12pm (as per their FB page)

Location – Second Floor, Regis Center, Katipunan

Facebook Page – Sweet Ecstasy

Contact Number –0906 346 7989

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