Supermanly Eats by Pinoy Eats World – Podium Food Fest

Supermanly Eats by  Pinoy Eats World – Podium Food Fest

Supermanly Eats was a food event in Podium held for 2 weekends that I wanted to visit because of the Bahn Mi (This was a one day appearance only pala). Organized by Pinoy Eats World –  a group dedicated to food, holding theme dinners, guerilla dinners and food tours. I wasn’t able to try the Bahn Mi but nonetheless was astonished by the variety and quality of the food present during the event.

This blog post will be a quick recap on each of the dish gf and I were able to try.

Risa Chocolates – Website IG

You can see the passion Risa Chocolates puts in their creations. She uses locally sourced beans which differ in flavour depending on the soil/general location. We purchased the 70% South Cotabato as recommended. I’m not a fan of dark chocolates, but nonetheless enjoyed it, while the girlfriend is happy with the purchase.

Risa Chocolates was also selling this liquid chocolate drink for P75. They use 100% chocolate for the drink and it didn’t disappoint. It was the highlight of the trip for the girlfriend. The drink is served in a very tiny cup and you’re given a chocolate spoon (how cute and creative) as sweetener. The drink is rich and buttery. The bitterness works really well with the richness of this concoction. Don’t expect the usual sugar loaded chocolate drink from this. This is real chocolate and it’s perfect. Risa will even share the recipe when you purchase the 100% chocolate from her.

Risa 100% Chocolate Drink

Kitayama Meatshop –  FB

P100 for slider is a bit steep but this one is worth it. We ordered 3pcs (at a reduced price of P250) which had a side of fries already. No bullshit burger, just good beef. No special sauce, no weird vegetables. You can taste the beef–good quality beef–and that’s how a burger should be presented. Two thumbs up!

Kitayama Meatshop

Liquid Maestro –

What caught my attention was they had Kombucha, I recently saw a video on how to create this and was amazed that they use a living fungi/bacteria for it. I had a taste and it was like a refreshing version of a diluted vinegar drink. Sounds bad but tastes good. It was P150 for a small cup which we found on the high side. GF ordered the Grass Hibiscus Iced Tea instead for P120, but it was nothing special to be honest. Lemongrass, ginger, pandan and some hints of hibiscus, for P120/P150, I’d rather order food or a bottle of craft beer.

Liquid Maestro

Pamana – FB

Pamana is a Makati restaurant but they were serving Pinoy Shawarma during the event. We ordered the Bulalo Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow for P150. It was on the small side but the taste is okay. It was on the smoky side. The bone marrow bits are there but not enough for me.

Pamana Shawarma


Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas

Got the Chori Rice w/ Egg for P150. Nice amount of rice but the chorizo was unfortunately lacking in quantity. It was delicious but the proportions are a bit off. More chorizo and this is golden.

Bar Pintxos

Bar Pintxos

Bao.Mnl – IG FB

Had the Bao’s on Crack as recommended, P115. This had 2 big slice of pork belly. I thought this was P150 at first and had no qualms, but at P115 this is very sulit. Had a hard time consuming because of the size is not mouth friendly but they give out plastic gloves so you won’t make a mess–plus points for that. I’d eat here again.



Malaysian Chicken Curry

One of the best things in life – curry. Some find curry unappealing but the girlfriend and I can live with roti (or rice) and curry. We had to try this stall because curry. P250 gets you a plateful of long grain rice with deboned chicken and almonds. I’ve never eaten in at a Malaysian national’s house but this is what I imagined a Malaysian home-cooked meal would be like. Will eat this again and again!

Malaysian Chicken Curry Malaysian Chicken Curry

Earnest Bakes – IG FB

I love cheesecakes and this Calamansi Pie seems interesting. P150 for this huge slice. The pie is creamy with the calamansi sourness soaring up high. Can be a too much for some but I like it. The crust is also sweetened so it can cut through the acidity.  Recommended!

Earnest Bakes Calamansi Pie


Risa Chocolate drink was the bomb. Malaysian Chicken Curry was excellent. Bao.Mnl was super sulit!

Girlfriend’s Favorites and some comments:

  • I love love love love the liquid chocolate drink from Risa Chocolates. I mean man, it’s like the espresso equivalent of chocolate drinks. It really does pack a punch, despite its relatively small serving size. Trust me, you’ll be daydreaming about this drink from heaven in the coming days after trying it. Sobrang sarap, sobrang perfect.
  • I was hesitant at first to buy the sliders from Kitayama because a hundred bucks a piece seems a little to steep for such a tiny burger, but because most stalls that would be serving savoury dishes weren’t ready to sell yet, I decided to go with the 3pc sliders for P250 and they have won me over. Sulit naman pala ang P250 ko dito. It’s the perfect burger–wala masyadong arte so you’ll be able to taste the good quality beef used.
  • YES to the curry. I used to work in Singapore where curry dishes were aplenty. And the one from the event is something similar I’d find in Singapore, and not the tamed down Pinoy version of curry.
  • Buy water nalang, wag na magLiquid Maestro. Not sulit. Or buy nalang 2 more cups of liquid chocolate. 🙂




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