Silantro UP Town Finally Opens! (Updated 9/29/15)

At Last – Silantro in UP Town

Silantro UP Town

Had a chance to quickly visit Silantro at UP Town before heading to my birthday dinner at Yurakuen at Diamond Hotel. Sisters wanted to try the place as they have yet to visit the Kapitolyo branch.

Silantro UP Town

The place was full. We had to wait for around 10 mins to be seated. There was also some confusion on which group should be seated first but they are in soft opening so we let it pass.

The restaurant is decorated with images such as these.

Silantro UP Town

Silantro UP Town

I’m not sure if the pricing is the same with UP Town and Kapitolyo branches-–if yes, good job! But considering that the rent will be more expensive here, no worries if they increase their prices at the UP Town branch a little; anyway, they have affordable prices to begin with.

Quick Meal But We’ll be Back at Silantro UP Town

The orders are –

  • Beef Nachos – 180
  • Silantro’s Burrito – 180
  • Soft Taco Completo (lamb, lengua, oxtail) – 110
  • Unli Iced Tea – 120
  • 2x Pale Pilsen – 55 / bottle

Silantro UP Town Menu

Silantro UP Town Tissue

Silantro UP Town Pale Pilsen

Let’s start with the three sauces – garlic, avocado, and chili. The good thing about Silanto’s garlic sauce is it’s not watery. The consistency is a bit thick, with the right amount of garlic and sour taste. This blends well with their dishes. If you want a lighter note, the avocado sauce (guacamole) gives a refreshing feel thanks to the cucumber. Lastly, and this is my favorite, they have the spicy chili sauce. I have a high tolerance for spicy food so when I feel the heat, it can be unbearable already for other people. Silantro’s chili sauce is pure hotness. No vinegar/sour taste like other hot sauces. This will just add a hot kick to your dish and won’t affect the original taste.

Silantro UP Town Sauce

Silantro’s Beef Nachos are unlike most nachos where they put the chips then drizzle whatever toppings on top. They are generous on the beef + cheese and they bake (or torch?) it so the cheese melts. Silantro also uses a different kind of nacho which is not the same as those on the supermarket–theirs is thinner. At P180, this is worth it, and it’s good for sharing. There were 4 of us, and we each had enough.

Silantro UP Town Beef Nacho

The Silantro Burrito is heavy and jam-packed inside. To be honest, and I’ve mentioned this previously, I’m not a fan of burritos (except Army Navy Longga Breakfast Burrito!). Wrapped rice with various meat inside – would rather eat this with spoon and fork. I only had a bite of the burrito but it is promising. The rice is moist and drenched in their tomato sauce (?). Combined with the three sauces, this can be a winner. Will have a more comprehensive review once I revisit the place.

Silantro UP Town Burrito

The image doesn’t do justice to the dish. The Soft Taco Completo (meaning 3 choices of meat) at P110 is value for money. They don’t skimp on the meat. And they seem to use tender parts so you just bite and bite on this soft taco. The lamb, lengua and oxtail mix had a hint of sweetness but combined with the garlic sauce and chili, all is well. The girlfriend enjoyed this particularly well.

Silantro UP Town Soft Taco


Silantro UP Town

Silantro has a following already at their Kapitolyo branch. It is just right that they expand so more people can experience this value-for-money inuman place. I will definitely come back to give an extensive review of their other dishes. But currently, I can say that the buzz they have created (and sustained) is well deserved.

Silantro UP Town

2nd Visit Update – 9/29/15

My sister, girlfriend and I went to UP Town around 8PM to eat at Silantro as I wanted to experience the other dishes. We were 13th in line! I really wanted to eat here so we waited. Luckily, some of the people in line didn’t show up so we were seated after around 20mins.

We were seated outside the restaurant, across the stalls. Non issue for me as we can’t be choosy given the number of people in line. But we noticed that some of the people eating were really taking their time without thinking about the other customers who wanted to be seated. I guess they really shouldn’t mind if other people waited since they are paying customers.

Good for 5 People

We ordered a lot – as in good for 5 people already. Good thing my sister is there since girlfriend gets full easily.

  • Super Dry – 80
  • Mojito – 90
  • Unli Iced Tea – 120
  • Calliente Wings – 180
  • Soft Taco Completo – 110
  • Pork Ribs – 290
  • Quesadillas – 180
  • Burrito – 180

Silantro UP Town

They are still in soft opening so the service is not yet up to speed and since we were seated outside they can’t see us when we request for something. I have issue with their unlimited iced tea though, instead of refilling on your table they take the glass and refill inside. I’ve heard of an instance where they refilled the iced tea and when it came back the glass was different – so take note of your glass when refilling.

Sister ordered the Mojito since it was just P90, looks sulit. Alas, they just use a very small glass for this. I’m pretty sure I won’t even feel the alcohol if I order this.

Silantro Drinks

The Calliente Wings had 5 pieces of wings topped with their usual greens with a bit of avocado sauce. It was drenched with slightly sweet sauce with spices. Good pulutan food for P180.

Calliente Wings

Calliente Wings

Girlfriend ordered the Soft Taco again. Completo with the same mix of meat – oxtail, lengua and lamb. The meat mix was juicy and tender and the soft taco was easy to bite into. Busog ka na rito for P110.

Soft Taco

The Pork Ribs came with Rice and avocado sauce. The ribs had just the right amount of charring, combined with the slight sweetness of the pork, it complements the rice. Speaking of the rice, it had a bit of oil and corn which made it a bit sinful but I finished it all still.

Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs Rice

Last but not the least was the Quesadilla. The cheese on this is so creamy. There’s an “umay” factor already at the first bite. We suggest you pair this with another dish as this can be hard to consume by yourself unless. This is by no means a negative take on it, I thoroughly enjoyed the Quesadilla.


Oops, almost forgot that we ordered a Burrito. I ate the burrito with all the sauces available, garlic+avocado+chili. On its own, it tasted a bit flat – I wasn’t able to distinguish all the ingredient but that might because of my taste buds are already overwhelmed by all the dished we ordered. This Burrito is definitely good for 2 people, shared this with girlfriend and sister.Burrito

Verdict V2

Silantro is the perfect inuman place. Good food at an affordable price. Won’t hesitate to recommend to other people looking for a place to drink while they’re in UP Town or Quezon City.

Price to Taste Ratio – 5/5

Budget Per Person – P200

Location – UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City (near Rita’s)

Facebook – Silantro

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