(Review) Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine – BGC, Taguig

(Review) Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine – BGC, Taguig

Officemates, GF and I went to Tagaytay to have brunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s but colleagues stayed until the night since they were going to EK. GF and I went ahead and had late lunch at Suzhou in BGC. She wanted to try this for I think a month already and I also wanted to go there since the owner also sells watch straps (hello NATO Manila!).

We were able to park at the back of the building near Recovery Food and Army Navy. Suzhou is located at the 2nd floor of Crossroads Complex at BGC.

Suzhou focuses on Eastern Chinese Cuisine. What is called eastern Chinese or Shanghai cuisine reflects the cooking styles of the provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangxi. Shanghai, the largest city in the People’s Republic of China, incorporates the cooking styles of the surrounding provinces. This style of cooking is characterized by a greater use of soy sauce, sugar, rice wine and rice vinegar than other regional cuisines.

The Orders

  • Spicy Fried Chicken Half – P275
  • Special Xiao Long Bao (4pcs) – P135
  • Special Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup – P230
  • Steamed Beef Garlic – P340
  • Pork and Vegetable Fried Rice – P185

Xiao Long Bao

GF is a fan of xiao long bao and as such, very specific on what she likes. Suzhou is proud of its special xiao long bao so we ordered 4 pcs for P135. The broth/soup inside the XLB was a bit sweet and rich. The wrapper was a bit thick compared to Lugang, Shi Lin or Din Tai Fung. GF was not a fan of their Xia Long Bao but I liked it, just make the wrapper thinner.

Spicy Fried Chicken

The Spicy Fried Chicken was recommended by the wait staff. We ordered this since I like spicy food. The chicken was juicy and crunchy on the outside. The saltiness was just the right amount however the spiciness was lacking for me. I even ate the chili bits but it was too mild. My tolerance for spicy food has increase so that’s why. GF liked it. We will probably recommend this dish to our friends.

Special Beef Noodles

We tried the Special Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup which was marked as spicy also. Fortunately there was a hint of hotness but not too overpowering. The noodles were cooked al dente and the broth/soup was mellow in taste with hints of sweetness. The noodle soup had large pieces of beef that were tender and fatty just the way I like it.

Steamed Beef Garlic

The Steamed Beef Garlic was loaded with garlic on top but it didn’t overpower the dish. The beef was tender and juicy and the garlic was mixed well – it enhanced the flavor of the beef. GF really liked this dish.

Pork and Vegetable Fried Rice

Of course we also ordered fried rice, Pork and Vegetable Fried Rice. Upon serving I immediately saw the vegetable bits that my GF will meticulously remove from every bite. I was surprised to see that she ate everything in the rice as it was delicious. It is the ideal pairing to the other dishes we ordered. We will definitely try the other fried rice dishes at Suzhou.

The Verdict

As I was typing this Suzhou blog post, I also searched the internet for other reviews and opinions regarding the restaurant. I was surprised that they were mainly negative or subpar. Maybe we got lucky or our taste buds are different but I can confidently recommend Suzhou to other people.

Price to Taste Ratio –4/5

Budget Per Person – P450

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 11am-10pm

Location – Second Floor, Crossroads Building, 32nd Street ( across Mc Home Depot), Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Facebook Page – Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine

Contact Number – 02 2469069 ext:941

PS : Thanks Nato Nation Manila for the strap!

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