Paper Moon Café – Crepe Cakes in Trinoma

Crepe Cake!Paper Moon Cafe Trinoma

I was craving for the layered crepe cake I had a year ago at a friend’s birthday party then a couple of days after I stumbled upon PaperMoon which apparently has a branch in Trinoma. After picking up my newly repaired camera at the mall, I ordered a slice and spent some time at the café.

Paper Moon Cafe Trinoma

I asked the lady at the counter how much a slice is – P225. I was thinking the serving will be too much for a single person but I can manage. Hehe. Ordered the original flavor – vanilla. They also have chocolate and mango.

Sat down and waited for my slice of crepe cake. When it arrived, I was disappointed. This slice is too small! Good for half a person only!

Paper Moon Cafe Trinoma Crepe CakePaper Moon Cafe Crepe Cake

Hopefully, the taste will compensate for the P225/slice crepe cake. But no, this is not worth it for me. Yes, the texture is light and creamy with a hint of caramelized sugar on top but at P225, this is absurd. Maybe the layered crepe cake I had last time at the party was made better (it was free so I guess I had nothing to complain about).

Paper Moon Cafe Trinoma

Girlfriend (Hijack) Edit:

The crepe cake at that party wasn’t better–it tasted bland. Even during the party, he didn’t like it so much. He just saw these social media posts on the crepe cake some weeks prior and imagined how the cakes would taste so good, hence the craving. But really, they’re bland and over-priced. I get that it’s maybe difficult to assemble seeing how many layers it takes to make a cake, but given the taste, it really doesn’t warrant that price.


Price to Taste Ratio – 2/5

Budget Per Person – P250

Location – Trinoma, Quezon City, Philippines –  near cinemas

Facebook – Paper Moon Café Philippines

Number – (02) 718-0851

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