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Goodnight Ramen? Oyasumi Ramen!Oyasumi Ramen

The girlfriend and I were planning to have dinner somewhere along Maginhawa, but when we got there parking was such a nightmare, so we just decided to head over to Oyasumi Ramen in San Juan. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to this restaurant as a friend of ours is a co-owner. On our way, I have already decided to order the Pepper Ramen, which our friend had during my first visit.

Oyasumi means “Good night!” in Japanese, so the restaurant name literally translates to Good Night Ramen. A bit unusual but fitting, because for me having ramen really results in a good night’s sleep (#pilit).

Iekei Ramen

Oyasumi Ramen is located at 308 P. Guevarra corner Sea View Sts., San Juan. I had to use Waze to navigate as I’m not familiar with San Juan in general. The first floor of the restaurant offers seats only at their ramen bar where you can watch as your food is prepared. Upstairs is where you can find the bigger dining area where they use one side of the wall as a projector screen playing Japanese cartoons.

Oyasumi Ramen Menu

Pepper Ramen and Lapaz Ramen

We ordered the following –

Pepper Ramen – P370

Lapaz Ramen – P370

Oyasumi Ramen

I ordered the Pepper Ramen, Tonkotsu+Pepper+Shoyu, with extra thick charsiu (super sulit for 60 pesos). You see that extra thick slice of meat? Yup, that’s only 60 pesos.

The broth, at first taste, will overwhelm you with the pepper spice (or I wasn’t able to mix it properly?). Eventually, the taste balanced out the creamy and fatty broth with the thick charsiu. The noodles are handmade daily and were served al dente. I personally want my noodles to be extra soft but theirs was good too. One of the owners (whom our friend referred to as “the noodle guy”) even went Japan to study how they make their noodles there. The ramen had soft boiled egg cooked to perfection,. #yolkporn at its finest.

Oyasumi Ramen

Girlfriend ordered the Lapaz Ramen, Tonkotsu+Pork Blood+Chicharon. As our co-owner friend said during our first visit in Oyasumi Ramen, this is the ramen you order when you want something more sinful than usual. And sinful it is! The broth is thick and tastes like an actual Lapaz Batchoy. The chicharon bits with its crispy and fatty component give a nice dimension to the dish, well in contrast with the semi smooth pork blood slabs. Every ramen dish has the perfect boiled egg. Sorry for the picture as we forgot to take one before eating. 🙂

Some tips:

  1. The order of extra charsiu for 60 pesos is so worth it.
  2. They usually have varying homemade ice cream available. Must try. Very creamy!
  3. Pair your ramen with Japanese beer, or check the bar–they sometimes have sake or whiskey.
  4. If you have left over soup and have room for more food, ask them to make risotto for you with it.
  5. They sometimes have off-menu items like truffle ramen, best to ask your server about them.


Price to Taste Ratio – 4/5

Budget Per Person – P400

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 11:00am – 10pm

Location – 308 P. Guevarra corner Sea View Sts., San Juan (parking can be a bit limited)

Facebook Page – Oyasumi Ramen

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