One Fifty Food Place – Maginhawa Food Park – Quick Review

One Fifty Food Place – Maginhawa Food Park

Food parks have been the craze these past few months. As if we don’t have enough restaurant choices in Maginhawa, the food hub has a new food park. The first one is STREAT and the main content of this blog will be the latest, One Fifty Food Place.

One Fifty Food Place is located between Malingap (Bayantel) and Madasalin street. Parking is very limited, be wary.

At the moment, One Fifty Food Place Maginhawa is still under soft opening, the roofing is not yet done and there is this unfinished bridge/walkway in the middle.

150 Maginhawa

Here are the restaurants at 150 Food Place in Maginhawa :

Crazy Chef – they serve grilled food (i.e isaw, bbq, etc)

Crazy Chef Crazy Chef

Sam’s Ice Cream and Shakes

Sam’s Ice Cream and Shakes Sam’s Ice Cream and Shakes

Wings Gone Wild

Wings Gone Wild

Wings Gone Wild Menu

Molcajete here’s my in depth review when they were still in Antipolo

Molcajete Molcajete Menu

Canadian Snack Shack

Canadian Snack Shack Canadian Snack Shack Menu

Streets of Saigon

Streets of Saigon Streets of Saigon Menu

The Piggery

The Piggery The Piggery Menu


Xurreria Menu

Balay Bagnet

Balay Bagnet

The Orders

  • Pollo Pesto + Cheese Quesedilla (P165) – Molcajete
  • Bacon Chips (P200)  – The Piggery
  • Iced Tea (P55) – Canadian Snack Shack
  • Vermicelli Bowl (P130) – Streets of Saigon
  • Buffalo / Sweet Chili Wings (P270) – Wings Gone Wild

I’ve been to Molcajete multiple times when they were still in Antipolo. Their brewed Iced Tea is very good but unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore. The Pollo Pesto + Cheese (P165) isn’t lacking in terms of taste, the chicken and pesto is really there. Combined with their superb garlic sauce, this is a must try.

Molcajete Quesedilla

The Bacon Chips (P200) from The Piggery is good for 2-3 persons. The dish is basically thinly sliced pork chops deep fried. Bacon should be cured/smoked, the name is a misleading but the dish is not without merit. This is a good appetizer with its salt and crunch.

Bacon Chips

Bacon Chips

We bought Iced Tea (P55) at the Canadian Snack Shack. This is not your usual iced tea since it was carbonated. It’s not too sweet and it refreshing.

Iced Tea

From Streets of Saigon, we had the Vermicelli Bowl (P130) with extra meat. My comparison for this dish is Pho Hoa’s Vermicelli Bowl. Taste wise, they are almost the same except for the extra meat which is a too sweet for my taste.

Vermicelli Bowl

Lastly, we have the Buffalo / Sweet Chili Wings (P270) from Wings Gone Wild. P270 gives you 1 pound of wings, good for 2-3 persons already. The Buffalo Wings I ordered had the Insane level of hotness/spiciness. Comparing to Frankie’s, their wings are not that spicy as they use regular Tabasco if my taste buds are correct. However, I have a high tolerance for spicy food so take that into consideration. The Sweet Chili Wings were covered in what I think is Jufran’s Sweet Chili sauce. This can be too sweet for some but I like it.

Wings Gone Wild Wings Gone Wild Wings Gone Wild


150 Maginhawa is on a good start. The parking can be worrisome but the food choices are plentiful and quite varied at the moment. I will be back to try the other stalls soon. 


Girlfriend’s Request:

When you go here, order the Iced Tea from Molcajete (though I’ve been told they don’t serve it anymore), baka the owners will feel to compelled to bring it back on their menu. It was so good. When they were still in Antipolo, I end up eating at Molcajete whenever I crave for their Iced Tea. It was perfect. Better than Army Navy’s Libertea and the Wendy’s Iced Tea Lite. Please!!!

150 Maginhawa

Facebook – One Fifty Food Place

Location – 150 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna, Quezon City

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