Minced Manila – New Restaurant in Antipolo

Finally, a new restaurant in Antipolo – Minced Manila

Compared to Quezon City, restaurants in Antipolo are scarce. Yes, there are various eateries around the area – but a place where you can bring a date or your family that won’t empty your wallet (hello Vieux Chalet) is sorely needed.

There is a new commercial space right across Unciano Hospital that hopefully will bring in new restaurants in Antipolo. Currently there is Yellow Cab and, the subject of this blog post, Minced.

Minced is located at the 2nd floor and has ample parking space at the front. The building is still in construction at the moment so we had to cross unpaved walkways and electrical cables.

Minced Antipolo RestaurantMinced Antipolo Restaurant

The layout, interior design and construction seemed well thought of. The place just opened on first week of August and has still a hint of cement smell. At first I thought that they serve foreign dishes, but as I went through their menu, they offer mostly local cuisine.

Minced Antipolo Restaurant

They are a bit pricey relative to the area, but a new restaurant in Antipolo is something we will always welcome.

 Minced Antipolo RestaurantMinced Manila? Minced Antipolo?

We ordered the following below –

  • Grape Shake – P105
  • Pinsec Frito – P120
  • Bicol Express – P295
  • Chicken Inasal – P260
  • Chicharon Rice – P205

The grape shake was made from fresh grapes (other shakes were made from fresh produce also) which is refreshing and had the right amount of sweetness. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of this.

Our appetizer was Pinsec Frito – 8pcs. of fried dumplings with sweet chilli dip. It is quite oily which means the oil was not hot enough for deep frying. For 8 pcs., I think the price is justifiable but I won’t be ordering this again.

Minced Antipolo Restaurant

I’m a fan of Bicol Express so I always have high expectations with this dish. If it’s super spicy, that’s a plus for me. Unfortunately, Minced’s Bicol Express is not remotely spicy despite having chunks of siling labuyo on their plating. The meat taste is nonexistent and the cream is nowhere to be found. It’s really like eating air.

Minced Antipolo Restaurant

My girlfriend is a fan of the dish Chicken Inasal and spending time in Bacolod has given me an idea of what the real thing is. The Chicken Inasal from Minced is far from what the dish should be. It is dry and lacked the taste that made Inasal famous. We had to compensate by dipping it in soy sauce with calamansi. We weren’t able to finish this and had it wrapped. Those who ate at home didn’t even realize that they were eating Chicken Inasal. (Sorry forgot about the picture on this one too.)

The Chicharon Rice was plated beautifully (much like their other dishes) – chunks of pork rinds on top with fried garlic and chives. That’s the only good thing I can say about this dish. The chicharon used was of low quality–airy and had no fat or meat bite to it. The rice was wet and a bit mushy. For P205, this is a disappointing dish that is priced wrong.

Minced Antipolo Restaurant


I had high hopes for this new restaurant in Antipolo and still do. The owner of Minced won’t venture into this business if not for confidence in their cooking. All dishes were plated well, and the wait staff was pleasant. They might be having a bad day or the chef is still not accustomed to the recipes but this is no excuse. I answered a comment sheet and gave them a bad (honest) review which I hope can help improve or correct their mistakes.

Price to Taste Ratio – 1/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 7:00am – 11pm

Location – EM Gems Bldg. L. Sumulong, Circumferential Road, Antipolo (Across Unciano Hospital)

Facebook Page – Minced Manila

Phone Number – (02) 696 0148


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  1. Thanks for the honest feedback. I was thinking of going here tomorrow to treat my bf’s family on his birthday but not anymore. This really helped me a lot in deciding if we are to try this or not. God bless.

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