La Escuela Cafe – New Restaurant in Antipolo

More Restaurants in Antipolo – Good!

If I’m not in QC, I’m most probably in Antipolo. As such, we have exhausted most restaurants in the area. La Escuela Cafe started operations last June 18, 2015 but we just had the chance to visit yesterday. I didn’t even know that there was a new restaurant in the area until the girlfriend mentioned it.

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

Sorry for the overexposed image! The signage is not visible.

For Antipolo standards, the place is quite nice. The design is cohesive and the playlist is consistent. (No jeje songs playing! – I’m particular with my music while eating.)

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

La Escuela Cafe Menu

I noticed that they have Cervesa Milkshake but no other alcoholic beverages on the menu. I asked if they serve alcoholic drinks aside from the beer-infused milkshake, and they mentioned that they only have San Mig Light, and a few cocktails–Jeprox, Teacher’s Pet, Suspended (the school aspect of the naming convention is really pushing it in terms of cohesiveness with the theme). I had to ask the components of the cocktails which they were only able to answer after multiple attempts (and shuffling back and forth from the kitchen).

The Orders

We ordered the following –

  • Potato Wedges – 100
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken – 230
  • Grilled American Ribs – 280
  • Cervesa Milkshake – 150
  • Jeprox – 150
  • San Mig Light – 60

The Potato Wedges are presented in this mini metal basket. It had a good aioli dip to accompany it. The spice is reminiscent of the ketchup-flavored Picnic potato snack.

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

I wasn’t expecting much from the Cervesa Milkshake but it’s good! I hate Cervesa Negra as beer but as a milkshake, this wins. The sweetness is enhanced by the subtle bitterness of the beer and then there is the nougat finish. Will order this again or maybe attempt to make it at home. 🙂

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

Girlfriend had the Grilled American Ribs which is also served in miniature kitchenware. It is cooked well, meat falling of the bone. The taste is okay, nothing noteworthy. For P280, considering the serving size, this is priced a bit high. (Wala pang rice!)

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

I had the Buttermilk Fried Chicken which I ordered because I am fond of the version from Kettle, so I wanted to compare. La Escuela’s version is crunchier, the breading is more pronounced (overwhelms the chicken) and you can taste the buttermilk if you look for it. Kettle had more meat and the coating doesn’t overwhelm the chicken. The gravy is normal but we had to request for more as we ran out midway through.

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

The cocktail girlfriend ordered, Jeprox, is made from Vodka, Gin and their own mix of herbs. Maybe this is their version of Mojito. Girlfriend liked this.

La Escuela Cafe Antipolo

Special mention for the San Mig Light, it costs 60 pesos. For someone who drinks, this is a bit high for this part of town. Around 40 pesos would be ideal.


La Escuela Cafe offers Antipolo residents a taste of Metro Manila. I say this in a positive way as this is usual fare in Metro Manila and I am only seeing restaurants like this in Antipolo pop up recently. Given this, their pricing is also Metro Manila based which can be a bit steep given their servings. As they are still in soft opening, would most probably visit this place again in the coming months.

Price to Taste Ratio – 2/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 10:00am – 12mn

Location – Bankers Village, Barangay Dela Paz, Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo City

Facebook Page – La Escuela Cafe

Phone Number – 2128720

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