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Industriya Marikina Surprise

Industriya Marikina

I’ve wanted to try Industriya Marikina since it started showing up in food blogs. Girlfriend and I were able to try this weekend and the experience was reminiscent of 1960s Americana culture (kala mo buhay na nun eh).

I was surprised that Industriya had so much space. They have ample parking and even a wide events area in addition to their al fresco area. The problem with other restaurants in Marikina is parking so you won’t have the same issue here.

Industriya Marikina Events Place

Industriya Marikina

Scattered around the place are shoe making paraphernalia, they have the lasting machine (last is the wood where the shoe gets it shape) and images showing the heritage of Marikina as the leading shoe-making area of the Philippines.

Industriya Marikina

The restrooms are marked by a male or female shoe – very nice touch.

Industriya Marikina

The décor inside is a fusion of western 1960s and heritage with bits of Marikina shoemaking. The owners must have spent a lot on the design and I applaud them for that. Industriya Marikina leads in terms of the level of cohesiveness of restaurant design in the area. The music playlist is also consistent, playing oldies song allowing you to imagine the area being used as a dining place during the Western 60s. The place is a visual feast and worthy of bringing someone for a date, or even business meetings.

Industriya Marikina

Industriya MarikinaIndustriya Marikina Industriya Marikina

They have this place mat displaying the different shoe size chart for US, UK and Euro. Having an affinity for well-made footwear, I asked permission if I can take one to place on my office desk. ☺

Industriya Marikina

Complementary popcorn was served. A bit aired out but it’s free.

Industriya Marikina Popcorn

Notice that shoe lasts were used as sofa stands–this attention to detail gives this place such charm.

Industriya Marikina

Industriya Orders

Roasted Pumpkin with Truffle Soup – 180
Industriya Pizza – 298
Thermidor Du Mer – 298

We had a hard time ordering as they have a very extensive list of food available – Japanese, Italian, US and Filipino. We just asked what’s the bestseller from one of the wait staff.

It was gloomy and I wanted soup to warm up the senses. I know that girlfriend likes truffle so I ordered the Roasted Pumpkin with Truffle Soup. It had thyme and shallots but just noticed when I checked my images of the menu. It tasted good–real pumpkin taste (though I guess not browned or roasted) with a hint of truffle oil.

Industriya Marikina

The Industriya Pizza was recommended to us. It has cured salmon, arugula, blue cheese and mozzarella cheese. Most restaurants skimp on the blue cheese but Industriya Marikina doesn’t. You can really taste it and every inch of the pizza is covered with it plus the mozzarella. Unfortunately for the salmon part they had to withhold the serving. While the pizza’s flavor was good, the crust was thin but not crispy–the edge is crisp, while the center quite soggy which is a down side for me.

Industriya Marikina Pizza

Last dish was the Thermidor Du Mer – mixed seafood pasta with white wine cream sauce. You have the option to choose your pasta, fettuccine or spaghetti. The pasta came with homemade focaccia bread, which tastes yeasty in good kind of way. The pasta has 2 pieces of deveined shrimp and 2 pieces of squid ring. I’m pretty sure there are other seafood but they are too small to mention. The sauce was not too powerful and blends well with the seafood. The serving is only good for one person.

Industriya Marikina Pasta


Industriya Marikina’s design and theme is on point. Consistent throughout, from the imagery to the music playlist, you can see and feel that the design is well thought of. The only disconnect for me is the food. They serve such a wide array of dishes–Filipino, Western, Japanese–which isn’t really too much of a problem but I might be looking for the same focus the had when they did their restaurant design. The food tastes decent–not bad but nothing to dream about. However, prices are a bit on the high side given the serving and taste. Industriya Marikina is not a place you will crave for but a restaurant you can take your date or business associate to, a one-time destination. Personally, would probably visit this place again just for the looks of it.

Price to Taste Ratio – 3/5

Budget Per Person – P400

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 11:00am – 10pm

Location – 23 M A Roxas Street, Calumpang, Marikina City

Facebook Page – Industriya Marikina

Website – Industriya Marikina

Phone Number –(02) 632 9225

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