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2nd Anniversary Dinner at House of Wagyu Eastwood

House of Wagyu Bib

The first time I tried House of Wagyu Stone Grill was the graduation dinner of my gf’s sister. This day, we are also celebrating something special, our 2nd year anniversary. We actually had dinner (which was supposed to be the celebratory dinner) already at Vikings Niu a couple of days before but the day should still be celebrated so girlfriend surprised me a House of Wagyu Stone Grill dinner.

House of Wagyu Signage

The main entrance with House of Wagyu’s beef.

House of Wagyu Meat

House of Wagyu also has a wide variety of liquors.

House of Wagyu Drinks

The menu.

House of Wagyu Menu House of Wagyu Menu

We were served bread with some sort of aerated butter. This was heaven for us as we are on a strict low carb diet but decided to have a cheat day for this. The bread was warm and the butter has the right amount of salt in it. They offered another set of bread but I declined. GF said we should’ve said yes. Thinking about it now, we should’ve. Maybe next time. Hehe.

House of Wagyu Bread

No point in eating in House of Wagyu if you’re not going to eat wagyu. We also asked the waiter what were the differences among the sirloin, tenderloin and the rib eye, and he said that rib eye had more fat. So we ordered Rib Eye Grade 6 350 grams.

The order came with their soup of the day which was pumpkin soup. It was thick and hearty. Perfect way to start the meal. And good combination with the bread but too bad we didn’t have any left.

House of Wagyu Soup

House of Wagyu Buttered Vegetables

Mashed potato and buttered vegetables were also served together with the star of the meal – THE WAGYU.

House of Wagyu Rib Eye Grade 6 350 grams

We were greeted by this slab of meat with the marbling we all so love, placed on top of the hot stone. The wait staff is helpful and reminded us not to slice just one piece at a time (if you slice more, the meat might become overcooked and dry) and sear it on the stone according to the doneness we prefer. Salt and pepper are available on your table should you want to season your steak a little more. You could also request for a resting plate if you’re worried in over cooking the steak.

What can I say? The meat was tender, juicy, fatty and soft. It was the perfect steak–it had us planning our next visit even though we weren’t even finished with our meal yet.

After a couple of quick minutes, we were done. Only the heating stone was left.

House of Wagyu Stone

Happy Anniversary greeting–nice touch from House of Wagyu Eastwood.

House of Wagyu Cheesecake

The Verdict

Some days should be celebrated with good food. This was one of those days and House of Wagyu was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. The service was good, the food – better. House of Wagyu will definitely be one of my choices when celebrating something special.

Girlfriend Confessions:

  1. We planned a HK trip, first week of December as an anniv trip (delayed because November is a hectic month where I work). We really weren’t supposed to have an anniv dinner anymore but I insisted and made reservations (via their online form) at Spiral. Sofitel on the weekend before our anniv. And so we went–but they were fully booked. HAHA. Stupid me didn’t check their confirmation email–apparently, when I booked a table for us, they sent an email back that they couldn’t accommodate us anymore.
  2. Being the trooper that he is, we ended up going to Niu at SM Aura instead (and he also didn’t give me crap for not checking the confirmation email). Good price for the amount of choices and quality of food. And there’s unli foie gras too, plus unli-drinks!
  3. I felt guilty about my Spiral blunder, so I decided to make a reservation at House of Wagyu for yet again another celebration, this time exactly on our anniversary.
  4. And lastly, may promo kasi Metrobank for their Platinum cardholders. 50% off on your food bill at any branch of House of Wagyu, and it ends on Nov 13, 2015. Sayang naman if I wouldn’t avail. So yeah, celebrate our anniv and take advantage of the promo–hitting two birds with one stone. 🙂


Location – G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Facebook – House of Wagyu

Other branches –

Tel :026353056
Cel : 09178171248

Tel : 027065385
Cel : 09178231248

Tel : 027257450
Cel : 09178571248

Tell: 028565604
Cel: 09178341248

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