Gostoso – Authentic Portuguese BBQ Restaurant in Kapitolyo

Gostoso = Spice

I first discovered Gostoso at UP Town Center because girlfriend and I have a goal to try all the restaurants there. We were able to eat at the branch there about thrice there before it closed down, much to my dismay as their spices are one of my favorites.

Gostoso Kapitolyo

I wasn’t aware that Gostoso also had a restaurant in Kapitolyo. We were supposed to eat in Wishbone (wings place) but they were still closed so we opted for Gostoso across the street instead.

I can’t remember if the UP Town branch had the same décor but this one has a quirky wall art outlining the history of their food.

Gostoso Kapitolyo

They also have this infographic of how to mix your sauces/spices.

Gostoso Kapitolyo

At the corner of the restaurant are the 4 kinds of spices they have – mild, hot, BBQ and garlic lemon.

Gostoso Kapitolyo Spices

The Usual Orders

I wanted to try the “Have it All” as I assumed it is a combination of all the combos they have at a lower price. But it’s just literally the same with ordering the 3 platters; the price is even the same! With this, we just ordered an appetizer and 2 combo meals.

Gostoso Kapitolyo Menu

Gostoso Starter Platter – 155
Piri Chicken Meal – 280
Porco Gostoso Meal – 370
Super Bock Classic – 100

The Gostoso Starter Platter consisted of 3pcs of Coxinha, 3pcs Bolsas and Piri fries. For P155, this can get you full real quick. We barely finished our main dish because of this. The Coxinha are chicken croquetas with cream and bell pepper. I didn’t know that this was made from chicken. Girlfriend even asked if this was fish. This tasted a bit bland, had to dip in their sauces to appreciate better. The Bolsas are basically beef empanadas. This time, we were able to taste the beef. The girlfriend likes this. The last appetizer was the Piri fries. The texture was normal, not too crispy and not too soggy. The seasoning gave the fries a bit of kick and saltiness.

Gostoso Kapitolyo Starter Platter

These are 4 spices – mild, garlic lemon, bbq and hot. These are arranged on terms of hotness level. I consume spicy/hot things with pleasure as such my tolerance has gone up and what I consider mild may be fire inducing already for others. For Gostoso, I’m unable to taste the mild spice already. The garlic lemon provides a good kick if you want some acidity to your dish. The BBQ was quite sweet and can counteract the saltiness of the dishes. The hot seemed to have no effect at first but after a couple of servings, I was already sweating.

Extra soydish (?) for mixing the spices.

Extra soydish for mixing the spices.

Girlfriend ordered the Piri Chicken Meal. Every meal has olive rice, one side dish and ice tea. Both of our side dish was creamed corn as girlfriend didn’t want to share hers.  The herb spiced infused chicken was tasty and very juicy. There was no hint of sweetness, just pure umami flavor. The olive rice tasted nothing like olive, it seems like they just add oil to this and some bits of olive for presentation.

Gostoso Piri Chicken

I had the Porco Gostoso Meal. On the salty side but paired with their rice this is perfect. Tender and has decent amount of fat for that good mouth feel. I used all of the piri-piri sauces on mine. Girlfriend mixed together the garlic lemon, mild and hot sauces. Looking back, I think it is better if you mix than to use each sauce on its own.

Gostoso Kapitolyo


It is unfortunate that they had to close down their branch in UP Town Center. This will probably be my go-to restaurant if I had no particular plans and wanted good food. One factor that might have affected this is their pricing. The dishes in Gostoso are good but the cost can be hard to swallow for most people. The Porco Gostoso Meal is P370 and that price range is for not for a casual dining restaurant for most people. Despite loving their food, I won’t go all the way to Kapitolyo to dine at Gostoso. If they were nearer, this will definitely change.

Epal Girlfriend Edit:

If he wouldn’t, I on the other hand will gladly drive to Kapitolyo (okay, maybe when traffic is light lang) to eat at Gostoso.

Price to Taste Ratio – 3/5

Budget Per Person – P400

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun – 11:00 am-10:00 pm

Location – 51B East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo

Facebook – Gostoso 

Number – (02) 477 7330

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