Genki Sushi arrives in the Philippines! Conveyor here we go!

Genki Sushi – New take on Sushi – Fort Bonifacio, BGC, Philippines

Always in search of new restaurants, I stumbled upon Genki Sushi online. It is a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants established in 1990 in Japan that has expanded to the Philippines in The Fort, BGC. Girlfriend has tried this in Hong Kong and wanted me to experience it as well.

Genki Sushi Japanese Restaurant

We were the first customers for the day. 🙂

Genki Sushi - Tables

The physical menu is available at the side of your table and the tablet.

Genki Sushi Menu

Ipad Menu

Hot water faucet for mixing your own green tea. First time to see this in the Philippines.


The process for ordering in Genki Sushi is via the electronic menu on their tablets. You order at most 3 dishes per session or train car trip but you can order again immediately. I was surprised by how fast my orders came. It came via the conveyor or train car. Sample below.


The Orders

  • Seared Salmon Black Pepper – 120
  • Black Fried Tofu Skin – 60
  • Fried Gyoza – 80
  • Shrimp Roe – 80
  • Spicy Tuna – 80
  • Spicy Salmon Maki Roll -150
  • Steam Egg Custard – 120
  • Horse Mackerel -120
  • Scallop Pollock Roe – 200

Genki Sushi Mixed Sushi

First on the list is the Seared Salmon Black Pepper. The seared fish’s charred taste plus the creaminess is a nice combination. Very reminiscent of Ooma’s style. ORDER THIS.

The Black Fried Tofu Skin is quite sweet. The main focus on this dish will be the rice which tastes like rice from a mixed gyudon. I liked this.

Black Skin Tofu

I always order gyoza so the Fried Gyoza is a given. The wrapper is crunchy and the inside is moist.

Gyoza Sushi

The Shrimp Roe was fresh. Same goes with the Spicy Tuna. They were okay, but you can skip ordering these.

Genki Sushi’s Spicy Salmon Maki Roll has the crunch I particularly like. Combined with wasabi and soy sauce, the roll is a must order (had a hard time eating a piece all in one go–it’s big).

Spicy Tuna

Girlfriend always orders Steamed Egg Custard or chawanmushi so we tried Genki’s version. I was surprised that it came out within a couple of minutes. At other restaurants, most of the time, it takes at least 15 minutes. It tasted good as well, with huge chunks of mushrooms and crabsticks.

Steamed Egg Custard

Steam Egg Custard

I wanted to try something I don’t usually eat so I ordered the Horse Mackerel. I had enjoyed it at Yurakuen, but here at Genki’s, there was something a little off with the fish.

Horse Mackerel Genki Sushi

Last but not the least, the Scallop Pollock Roe. Girlfriend likes scallops so we ordered this one. Tastes good but quite pricey. Stick with the Seared Salmon Black Pepper. Same taste profile, yet cheaper.

Salmon Pollock Roe


Genki Sushi is a good place to eat at if you are craving sushi/sashimi and want something quick yet filling. Their conveyor system is really interesting and makes things faster. The digital menu is also appreciated. Their presence in the Philippines is welcomed.

I’ll probably visit Genki Sushi if I’m in the area but if I’m coming from QC, would look into visiting other nearby Japanese restaurants.

Price to Taste Ratio – 3.5/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Location – Location 2nd Level of Bonifacio Stopover (Rizal Drive corner 31st Street), Taguig, Philippines

Facebook – Genki Sushi Philippines



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