Food Centrale Food Park – Another Food Park Near Maginhawa

Food Centrale Food Park – Another Food Park Near Maginhawa

Food Centrale

There seems to be no shortage of new food parks popping up and Food Centrale Food Park is the newest of the bunch. Food Centrale Food Park is located at the corner of Matahimik and Malamig street, near Kalayaan and QC Circle already. As per Macho Wing owner, the place opened up last week of November 2015.

Food Centrale

There is ample parking on the side street, where there are officers who can assist.

There was an event happening when we visited so there was an entrance fee of P175, consumable of P75.

Food Centrale

Food Centrale

Food Centrale

I wasn’t able to take pictures of all the stalls, will update this blog post once we visit again.

We tried 2 stalls that night, Macho Wings and Kisara.

Macho Wings

Macho Wings Menu

Macho Wings


Kisara Menu

Kisara Menu

The Orders

  • Macho Wings – Wild Spice – P130
  • Macho Wings – Garlic Parmesan – P130
  • Kisara – Chiratori – P195
  • Kisara – Gyoza – P85

Every stall has space allotted in front where you can sit if you order from them. You can bring other dishes from other stalls as long as you have orders from the stall where you will sit. This can be hard when the stall you want to dine in at is full. Although there seems to be free seating in the middle of the compound, but will have to confirm this on a second visit when there isn’t an ongoing event.

The first dish that came was Kisara’s Gyoza. The dish has 4 pieces of Gyoza, cabbage with Japanese mayo and the dipping sauce. The gyoza wrapper was on the chewy and thick side, I prefer it to be thin and crunchy. The stuffing was good though. It was ginger-y. The dipping sauce is the same as what they use in their skewer so it was a bit sweet and viscous (okonomiyaki sauce).

Kisara Gyoza

Next is Macho Wings Wild Spice. You get 4 huge pieces of chicken. For P130, this is comparable already to my favorite, Frankie’s. I was expecting more from the Wild Spice in terms of spiciness but that’s just me. I prefer spice like no other. Other people will surely appreciate the combination of spiciness and tanginess of the wings. In terms of juiciness, the wings are cooked appropriately but the skins of the wings are on the soggy side, the skin lacks the crispness I like. Very good effort though and I just like to nitpick with my wings. This is commendable and I will visit and order this again.

Macho Wings Wild Spice

We ordered Macho Wings’ Garlic Parmesan as a comparison to Frankie’s own version. It is very close. There is the usual dripping of butter and the piling of Parmesan that explodes in your mouth. It is not too salty, “hindi siya nakakaumay”. Before I forget, the included dipping sauce is tasty. Not too overwhelming that it covers the flavor of the wings.

Macho Wing Garlic Parmesan

Lastly, we have the Chiratori from Kisara. The Chiratori is a set of yakitori with curry rice. Chicken meat, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, chicken heart, liver and tail. The curry rice pairs well with the yakitori–though I would personally want a more pronounced curry flavor. I also enjoyed the okonomiyako sauce, which wasn’t overbearing at all. They do not scrimp on the japanese mayo either. It’s acidity helps in avoiding the cloying feeling. The skewers are tender and not dry/overcooked. At P195, you are getting a lot from this dish.

Kisara Chiratori


There is much yet to be discovered in Food Centrale Food Park. Macho Wings and Kisara were a great introduction to the new food park, furthermore, thanks to the ample parking, I wouldn’t hesitate going back to the place.

Facebook Page – Can’t Find , Macho Wings, Kisara

Operating Hours – Opens at 2pm

Location – #3 Matahimik Street, Corner Malamig Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

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