Fino Deli – Legit Wine Place in Marikina

Fino Deli – Legit Wine Place in Marikina

This place was recommend by an officemate who lives nearby. As gf and I are getting fond of wines as of late, trying out Fino Deli in Marikina was a no-brainer.

Fino Deli Marikina


Initial impression was great. Fino Deli being quite near to Lilac Street (famed food street in Marikina) where parking is horrendous, we are welcomed instead with ample parking space in this restaurant. Coming from a 2 hour drive, nobody wants more stress looking for parking. Fino Deli can easily accommodate 12 cars.

Fino Deli Marikina Parking


Fino Deli Menu Fino Deli Menu Fino Deli Menu

I’m not fond of menus with too many choices that it eventually overwhelms you. Fino Deli has tapered their menu to a good number of dishes which I like.

  • Tapas – 6
  • Soups – 2
  • Salads – 3
  • Pasta – 4
  • Pizza – 3
  • Entrée – 4
  • Desserts – 2

Comparing to other menus, this is straightforward.

Fino Deli Marikina

The interior is simple and homey. Good for a date or a chill night out with family or friends.

Fino Deli Marikina

Complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar was served. The bread was on the sour side, which I prefer.

The Orders

Fino Deli Marikina

Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #1 – P445 – Spanish Manchego cheese and Italian prosciutto with olives

While I know cheese and cold cuts are relatively expensive, I find that this is priced is a little on the high side–probably because I put a premium on the “busog factor.” The platter is good though. Nothing magical but as expected, pairs really well with the wine. The other cold cuts and cheese platter choices come a bit cheaper–will give those a try on my next visit.

Fino Deli Marikina

French Onion Soup – P125

For P125 pesos, this soup is very sulit. It obviously does not skimp on the cheese, nor the onions. I feel like this is a favorite choice of most diners as I saw many bowls of this come out of the kitchen through out the night.

Fino Deli Marikina

Mushroom Soup – P95

One of the highlights of the night. At P95, this is a winner. Legit mushroom soup made from scratch, and priced really well at that. Umami explosion right here. Cost to taste ratio is superb on this one.

Fino Deli Marikina

Gambas – P165

Don’t be fooled by the small serving plate (?), at the current cost of prawns, this dish is solid with 6 or 7 good-sized pieces of prawns. Deveined, and cooked spicy in white wine, is a good way to start dinner.

Fino Deli Marikina

Long Barn Pinot Noir – P977

I am no expert in food reviews more so in wine reviews. 🙂 The Pinot Noir was smooth and slightly dry. The dryness doesn’t linger much so I feel this can be a good introductory red wine for companions who are not too fond of wines (yet).

Fino Deli Marikina

Fino Deli Marikina

Cinco Queso – P490

I love pizza and this is now included in my list of favorites. A bit pricy at P490 but Fino Delo doesn’t skimp on the cheese. Five cheese with creamy white sauce. Can be a bit umay after a while but was able to down 3 pieces and be willing to go back to Fino Deli for this alone. Tomguts approved!

Fino Deli Marikina

Truffle Mushroom Pasta – P235

I’m used to cream based truffle pasta and this one was oil based. I personally didn’t taste much truffle but the mushrooms were aplenty. GF says otherwise, as a mushroom pasta dish, this is good. But, for me, the truffle is misleading and not prominent enough to be called a truffle dish.


Fino Deli is a good find in the seemingly residential space in Marikina. Good parking space, straightforward menu and a good selection of wine is the way to go. Located a couple of hundred meters away from the restaurants that line up along the lively Lilac Street, the Maginhawa of Marikina, Fino Deli is a good alternative when you want something a bit more refined and intimate,

Price to Taste Ratio –4/5

Budget Per Person – P800 (with wine)

Operating Hours –

Tues – Sun


Phone Number – 997-5024 / 09063884248

Facebook – Fino Deli Marikina

Location – 151, Dao St, Marikina Heights, Marikina City, 1811 Metro Manila, 1811 Marikina City

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