Chives – Antipolo Restaurant Review

Chives Antipolo – New Restaurant in Town

It seems that the restaurant scene in Antipolo slowly gowing with commercial buildings allowing new establishments to open up. Chives is one of the restaurants that are newly opened in Antipolo. It is located at the same building as Minced and is the subject of this blog post.

I have no idea what Chives is offering. The menu seems to be the usual fare. The décor is industrial and rustic(?). The working space/cooking area can be clearly seen with no barrier so you can spot when the staff are busy or doing nothing.

Chives Antipolo

Chives Antipolo

I don’t want to start in a negative light but GF and I are particular on the wait staff. Are they knowledgeable? Do they know the food? What can they recommend? Are they shy? Yes, some wait staff are like this, it’s as if they are hesitant to help you or assist you. The person who helped us was a bit undertrained and this affected our first impression on Chives already.

The Menu

Chives Menu

Chives Menu

The Orders

  • Chicken Parmigiano Popper – P185
  • Cioppino Soup – P135
  • Truffled Mushroom – P145
  • Chives House Salad – P180
  • Steak – P900 (Not on the menu, was supposed to order Salpicao but not available, this was suggested instead)

We were given complimentary bread with balsamic vinegar to dip. The dip had some herbs in it but nothing too special.

Chives Bread

Our orders came quite slow. Despite the off peak hours, the service was not yet there. They are fairly new so this is tolerable for the meantime.

The Chives House Salad has mixed greens, cashew, kesong puti, green apple and dilis. The sauce is Honey Lemon Vinaigrette. It was fresh and the serving was nice. Good effort on Chives.

Chives House Salad

Next is the . For P185, the serving is quite small. Taste wise, it was decent. The chicken has a nice salty crisp to it. The marinara sauce however was too canned tasting for our taste. Will not order this again.

Chicken Parmigiano Popper

Now the soup, the Truffled Mushroom had various kinds of mushroom in it. This can be filling for those who have a small appetite. You can clearly taste the truffle as well. It was lacking the creaminess we were expecting from soups though. The texture was more like water but as mentioned, the taste is there.

Truffled Mushroom

Another soup we had was the Cioppino Soup. It has calamari, mussel, clam, seafood stock and pesto. Much like the Truffle Mushroom soup, taste wise this is good. But the texture is lacking.

Cioppino Soup

Now to the main dish, we had steak which was not in the menu. This was suggested since we wanted Salpicao and it was not available. As usual we had it cooked medium rare. The dish has plain red rice and gravy with what I think is truffle oil. The quantity of the steak for less than 1k is sulit already. This is good for 2 people. Taste wise, this is seasoned appropriately. Kudos to the chef. However, the cut itself is disappointing. There were a lot of ligaments and hard parts and it made it quite a challenge to finish the steak. A better cut of steak would be nice next time so the efforts of the chef are not wasted.

Chives Steak

Chives Steak


The written statements here might be seen as a negative review but I am comparing it to the restaurants I have experienced in Metro Manila. Chives can comfortably take its place in Antipolo, no doubt. They are trying to bring Metro dining here in Antipolo and they have succeeded in a way. Families in Antipolo can dine here and expect a good experience – if they are not accustomed to other restaurants in the Metro.

Price to Taste Ratio –3/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri – 10am-10pm

Sat – Sun – 10am-12mn

Location – Ground Floor, EM Gems Building, L. Sumulong, Circumferential Road, San Roque, Antipolo City (Across Unciano Hospital, same building as Yellow Cab and Minced)

Contact Number – +63 9178757150

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