BLK 513 – Not Your Usual Frozen Yogurt

BLK 513 – A different take on Frozen Yogurt (Megamall)

BLK 513

BLK 513

I remember a couple of years ago the frozen yogurt (froyo) hype was booming. Today, I was actually surprised to come across a new froyo place in Megamall Build A, BLK 513, because they are a little late to the party, with the froyo hype having dwindled down already, but let’s see. 🙂 Their stall looked intriguing enough, evidenced by the short queue that has formed in the order counter, despite it being early (shortly after the mall opened).

BLK 513

BLK 513 is the first activated charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt in Manila, Philippines located in Megamall Building A. The dark color of the froyo is a result of of the charcoal which promotes anti-aging and anti-bloating properties. In addition, they also use frozen Greek yogurt resulting in a creamier and thicker mouthfeel compared to other froyo places.

There are 2 froyo options at BLK 513, cup at P185 or cone at P170.

Dark Skim Cup

  • 1 crunch
  • 2 fruits
  • 1 sauce
  • Total 7 layers

Dark Skim Cone

  • 2 topping
    • Crunch
    • Fruit
    • Sauce
  • Total 3 layers + dark gaufre

BLK 513 Cup

I ordered the Dark Skim Cup. They have various options for the “crunch” topping–chocolates, cookies, cereals–but you just get to pick one. I got the chocolate balls, plus peaches and kiwi for the fruits, and the chocolate sauce; but the main player is still the frozen yogurt. So what does it taste like? Tastes almost the same as other froyo outlets but there is an after taste reminiscent to yeast. I can’t exactly pinpoint but it seems earthy in a good way. The texture is very thick and creamy, just the way I like it. The tang of the yogurt at the end is also good. It wasn’t sweet all the way.

Let’s see what BLK 513 will offer in the future but this is a promising start. (The price point is a bit high though) 🙂


Price to Taste Ratio – 3.5/5

Budget Per Person – P180

Operating Hours


10am – 10pm (Mall hours)
Location – SM Megamall Building A (opposite Papermoon, beside the new Stradivarius)

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