100 – Revolving Restaurant Eastwood

100 – Revolving Restaurant Eastwood Review

We celebrated my gf’s birthday at 100 Chef Jessie’s restaurant at Eastwood, as both of us have wanted to try the revolving restaurant for quite some time already. The revolving restaurant in Eastwood is technically called “100” but since it is the only revolving restaurant in the Metro, the unofficial name stood out.

As per their website, “guests rave about the friendly, helpful staff that treat them like royalty”. Count me in. Upon entering the building’s parking area, the guards were courteous and guided us to the right direction. The lobby staff was no different. They were able to tell that we were going to the revolving restaurant and helped us navigate the elevators. GF and I were impressed already and we weren’t even at the restaurant yet.

The 33rd floor – 100 Restaurant.

33rd Floor

By the time we got at the top floor, we were escorted to our seats. I choose to be seated on the revolving part of the restaurant. The wait staff were very attentive and was always there when needed.

The carpeted area is the only revolving part of the restaurant.

Revolving RestaurantRevolving Restaurant

The Orders

  • Home-made Potato Chips with Tzatziki – P150
  • Pan Fried Goose Liver, Seared Scallops & Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms Salad – P995
  • Cheese Spinach Mushroom Soufflé – P500
  • Chicken Cordon Blue – P750
  • Wild Rice Risotto, Chicken & Shrimp – P700

I opted to go ala carte. Their menu is extensive to say the least. They have Filipino, Japanese, Italian and French cuisine. It took us quite some time to finalize the food orders.

The complementary bread with oil based sauce. (I still prefer the olive bread from Sofitel/Spiral and their butters)

Revolving Restaurant Bread

The Home-made Potato Chips with Tzatziki was ordered because we have not been eating potato chips for quite a while already since we were on a low carb diet, and that day was a cheat day. 🙂 Tzatziki is made of strained yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sometimes dill (Greek sauce). The potato chips were a not too crispy and quite “makunat”. The sauce was refreshing but the potatoes were a letdown.

Home-made Potato Chips with Tzatziki

When I saw the Pan Fried Goose Liver, Seared Scallops & Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms Salad, I knew that Gf would love it. The dish contains some of her favorites – goose liver (foie gras), scallops, mushrooms and cheese. The salad was the highlight of the night. In theory, this is a simple dish – greens with light balsamic sauce with just a couple of other ingredients. But mixing those ingredients together created a well curated salad. Each of the main ingredient is a highlight. Highly recommended.

Pan Fried Goose Liver, Seared Scallops & Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms Salad

Revolving Restaurant Salad

Since Chef Jessie is known for French cuisine, we wanted to try the soufflé. We ordered a savory kind, the Cheese Spinach Mushroom Soufflé. The dish came with a melted cheese mixture to be poured in the soufflé once you break it open. The soufflé itself is moist. You can taste the spinach and cheese. But the party happens when you pour the cheese. The cheese is tarty, salty and creamy. Another delightful dish from 100. A must order.

Cheese Spinach Mushroom Soufflé

Cheese Spinach Mushroom Soufflé

As mentioned earlier, the menu is extensive. We asked help from the wait staff and he recommended the Chicken Cordon Blue. He also recommend their steaks but we were going to eat at Hai Chix (insert link of hai chix blog post once you have written it) soon, and we were just at House of Wagyu (insert link of other blog post) a week or so prior so no steak for us that evening. The Chicken Cordon Blue had salad and fries. The salad was good and the fries were cooked perfectly. It was crispy and light with the right amount of salt. The Chicken Cordon Blue itself was average. It was tasty and was cooked well but there was no wow factor unlike the previous dishes.

 Chicken Cordon Blue

I’m a fan of risotto. Especially after having tried the bone marrow risotto from Lemuria and the cheese & truffle risotto from Mama Lou’s, I wanted to taste the best risottos in the Metro. The Wild Rice Risotto, Chicken & Shrimp was ordered and we were disappointed. Firstly, we thought that risottos should be a bit on the creamy side. What we got looked like standard cooked rice. Secondly, we weren’t expecting the dish to be sweet at all but it was. The chicken and shrimp were not noticed at all. The sweetness was too overwhelming that GF only had a small spoonful to taste. Lastly, granted we were at a fine dining restaurant, I was still taken aback by the serving size–despite having ordered the larger portioned version of the dish, serving size is too small. Two thumbs down for this risotto.

Wild Rice Risotto, Chicken & Shrimp


The service was excellent–from the parking area up to the restaurant itself. The food however was hit and miss. There were some homeruns but since they have an extensive menu, some of the selections might have to be ironed out still. Will I come back to 100? Yes. Will I recommend the revolving restaurant? Yes but will have to order better next time. 🙂

Price to Taste Ratio – 3.5/5

Budget Per Person – P1500

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 11am to 11pm

Location – 33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Facebook PageRevolving Restaurant

Contact / Phone Number – 9621016 / 9625654

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