Lava Cheese Tarts

Lava Cheese Tarts – Take a Seat Pablo

Lava Cheese Tarts – Take a Seat Pablo

The hype was real for Pablo’s cheesecake/tart hybrid. It was a long wait for its arrival (mall pop up boards and banners were already up months before they even came). The first store opened in Robinson’s Manila and people waited in line for 3 hours to finally try it. However, most of the sentiments online and offline were the wait-time is too long for an average tasting cheesecake; the price is not worth it; the travel is not worth it, etc. I’ve yet to try Pablo, and I’m still hopeful that I’ll enjoy it.Lava Cheese Tarts

Enter Lava Cheese Tarts, a Pinoy enterprise from the same owner as Bibingkinitan. Lava Cheese Tarts are creating Cheese Tarts from locally sourced produce which helps our own farmers. Pricing will be competitive based on their Facebook Page.

Lava Cheese Tarts are baked perfectly golden brown on the outside and rich and gooey on the inside. They are every bit as delightful as the cheese tarts loved all over the world. What sets is apart from the others is the Malagos cheese waiting to explode from the inside.

The ingredients they use are all sourced locally from sustainable companies and budding family enterprises exclusively in the Philippines.

Hope this one doesn’t disappoint. Expected opening dates of Lava Cheese Tarts are between October 17-22 at SM Aura.

(Oct 20 Update) They are targeting last week of October instead for their opening.

(Oct 21 Update) It seems that they are opening soon with this latest Facebook promo post.

Lava Cheese Tarts SM Aura Opening Promo

(October 24 Update) Another post from Lava Cheese Tarts asking about the pricing of their products. Hope this is a sign of competitive pricing and them opening up soon!

Lava Cheese Tarts Guess the Price

(Oct 28 Update) Interesting coffee from Lava Cheese Tarts!

And they are opening this November 3, 4pm!!! Will be at SM Aura, definitely.

Lava Cheese Tarts Coffee

Lava Cheese Tarts Opening November 3, 4PM

Will update this post once I’ve tried it. Stay tuned!

(November 23 2016 Update)

Sorry for the delay in update. Finally able to try Lava Cheese Tarts in SM Aura.

LAVA Opening screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-14-11-am

To cut to the chase, for P80, it is a bit pricey but taste wise it is quite good. For P60 this is a great buy.

The crust is sweet and a has bit of bite into it while the cheese inside is so gooey, to a fault. Things can get messy when you eat this fresh from the oven. However, Lava is suggesting other consumption methods for their cheese tarts.


Lava Cheese Tarts Facebook Page



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