Filio Bistro – Another Antipolo Restaurant!

Filio Bistro – Another Antipolo Restaurant!

Filio Bistro Antipolo

I am always on the lookout for new restaurants in Antipolo and I still get excited when GF and I discover one. Filio Bistro is one of those restaurants. This post will cover our 2nd visit here as I wasn’t able to document the first time we tried it.

Filio Bistro offers ribs, burgers, pasta, coffee and desserts. They also have acoustic sessions on certain nights. They are located at Hi-5 Arcade, Sumulong Memorial Circle near Budget Lane.

The place is well decorated with huge paintings on the wall. It is a very nice place to hang out and relax or drink the night away.

The Menu

Filio Bistro Menu Filio Bistro Menu Filio Bistro Menu

The Orders

  • Nacho Torre – 159
  • Arriston’s Buffalo Wings – 149
  • Lechon Kawali w/ Adobo Rice – 199
  • Fire Starter Burger – 249
  • Lengua in Creamy Mushroom Sauce – 229
  • Onion Rings – 60
  • Banana Choco (Smoothie) – 159

We started with the Banana Choco Smoothie, yes, dessert comes first. Haha. This has the right amount of sweetness from the chocolate and you can actually taste real bananas – some restaurants use banana essence which is a no-no for us.

Banana Choco Smoothie

The Nacho Torre was good for 2 people but there were three of us and we were able still able to get sizeable servings from this. They use their own cheese sauce for this. The chips used were a bit stale already, hopefully our next visit will be better.

Nacho Torre

GF and I have ordered the Arriston’s Buffalo Wings during our first visit and we ordered it again. Filio Bistro use their own homemade buffalo sauce for this. It is tangy and a bit spicy. Ideal appetizer or inuman dish. While the wings are on the smaller side, will order this again.

Arriston’s Buffalo Wings

I ordered the Lechon Kawali w/ Adobo Rice. This is basically crispy pork belly served with adobo garlic rice. You can’t go wrong with this pairing. The adobo rice has a nice amount of saltiness, mixed with the Lechon Kawali dipped in vinegar = explosion in your mouth.

Lechon Kawali w/ Adobo Rice

The Fire Starter Burger was ordered by my GF’s brother since we had this during our first visit at Filio. This is a hot and spicy burger topped with blue cheese. The blue cheese gives this burger a bit of creaminess but also cuts the spiciness a bit. The burger came with fries, as expected. This is one of theur best sellers and I also recommend that you try it if ever you visit Filio Bistro in Antipolo.

Fire Starter Burge

GF ordered the Lengua in Creamy Mushroom Sauce. This dish feels like homecooked dining, which is a very good sign for Filio Bistro. The lengua was tender, as it should be. For those who eat Lengua, you may try out this dish.


We also ordered Onion Rings as appetizers since we all didn’t have breakfast. For P60, this is sulit already. Good for pulutan. :)

Onion Rings


Filio Bistro

Filio Bistro is a welcomed addition to the restaurant scene in Antipolo. You can feel at home because of the good food and décor. For anyone looking at a new dining place in Antipolo, I recommend Filio Bistro.

Price to Taste Ratio –3.5/5

Budget Per Person – P350

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday – 10am-11pm

Location – HI-5 Arcade, Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo

Facebook Page – Filio Bistro Antipolo

Contact Number – 0906 333 7427

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